Let us find you the perfect target list to help promote your business. We can also maintain and update your current client list for all your mailings.

Finding the perfect list for you - Omaha Mail works closely with a local list company to help it's client get the perfect list to target their business or event.

1. You can get a list to blanket a whole area or zip code.

2. You can narrow your list for specific interests or needs. By income, rent or own, have children or even by interests.

In the past, Omaha Mail has purchased lists for clients that target Golf Digest subscribers and Seniors to be in the local High Schools. So, let Omaha Mail find the perfect list for you.

List Management - Omaha Mail currently maintains many of it's clients customer lists for them. When they are ready to mail their customers, updated information or news on upcoming sales and events, they do not have to worry about the list being up to date or the addresses being undeliverable.

Need a mailing list? We can find the right list for you.

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